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Arancina or Arancino? We like the ArancinO Messina

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L'Arancino Messinese

Where to taste them

Arancina or Arancino? We like the ArancinO Messina.

L 'Arancinoit is a specialty of Sicilian cuisine, and is a typical product of the Messina rotisserie.

In western Sicily it is called arancina and has a ball shape like an orange; while in eastern Sicily it is called arancino and has a cone shape as if to recall the Etna volcano.

The main feature of theMessina Arancinois his ragù, a sauce rich in tomato and very tasty and slowly cooked pork.

In the 70s and 80s theMessina Arancinoit was a real delicacy from Pippo Nunnari's famous rotisserie, no true Messina can have forgotten it. It is no coincidence that a typical phrase from Messina is“From quannu ghiudiu Nunnari nuddu sapi fari chiù arancini in Messina”.Translation: "since Nunnari closed, no one knows how to make arancini in Messina".

La famosa Rosticceria Nunnari

It is certainly an exaggerated statement, but there is a grain of truth, in fact the goodness and genuineness of Nunnari's arancini are difficult to find in today's Messina takeaways, but the fact remains that those who visitMessinacan not stop atFamulari rotisserieor atAgainto taste the famousarancini from Messina. No doubt there will be other takeaways that will cook a quality arancino and then we invite you to comment on our article to let us know about new places to certify newArancini from Made in Messina.

Before concluding our article dedicated to the Arancino Messinese we want to publish the recipe of one of our typical products:

Boil the ricein plenty of salted water and drain it al dente.
Pour it into a bowl and mix it with 5 beaten eggs, saffron, 100 g of butter. Mix well and leave to cool. Blanch the peas in a little salted water, drain them and put them in a pan in the remaining butter.
In another panfry in oilthe chopped onion and, as soon as it turns golden, add the minced meat and the peeled tomatoes cut into small pieces. Season with salt and pepper, add the peas and cook over a very low heat, covered, for an hour.

At this point, prepare therice balls Messina style. Take a little rice in your hand and put a spoonful of filling inside, a piece of fresh caciocavallo, a few cubes of mortadella. Cover with more rice, giving it the conical shape typical of arancini. Dip the rice balls in the flour, then in the beaten egg with salt, then in the breadcrumbs. Fry the Sicilian arancini in plenty of oil. Serve themMessina arancinias soon as they are golden brown.

For the aranciniMadeinMessina.com advises you:

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