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Swordfish Fishing in the Strait of Messina

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La Pesca del Pesce Spada nello Stretto di Messina

Today the staff of Made in Messinawants to tell you about an ancient tradition ofStrait of Messinahanded down for generations as theswordfish fishing.

The Swordfish fishingis carried out in the waters of theStrait of Messinain a period ranging from May to early September. As previously written, it is an ancient fishing handed down for generations that until today has a particular importance both from a tourist and economic point of view for some families who live on the Messina and Calabrian shores of theStrait of Messina.

It is no coincidence that swordfish is considered the"King of the Strait",and his fishing is very particular because it is based on strategies, experience, intuition, a lot of work and sacrifice. In fact it is one"hunting",where the preys are chosen, identified and selected and then end up on the counters and tables of the Messina people.

The Swordfishit is captured with the help of special harpoons thrown by named boats"Feluccas",which are large fishing boats composed of a high tower that is used for sighting and a gangway for harpooning.

Without a doubt, the moments on board in which the prey is sighted and then captured are spectacular. During these operations you can admire the mastery of every single member of the crew, from the lookout to the dancer, from the helmsman to the one who takes care of the arrangement of the ropes of the tools.

Theswordfish, once set sail is "rattled" on the face as a sign of respect and forgiveness, a truly ancient gesture, and then tamed with the help of dark patches on the eyes in order to make him feel less pain. The route of the swordfish depends on the period; in May they hunt off theCalabrian coasts, in June if the weather permits betweenCapo Milazzo, Capo Rosocolmo and Aeolian Islands, July and August inStrait of Messina.

In the coming weeks we will present some recipes for you to enjoy the deliciousKing of the Strait.

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