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In Messina we don't eat snails, but "ì Stuppateddi"

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A Messina non mangiamo le Lumache, ma "ì Stuppateddi"

Last week we talked about a typical Messina summer dish like Baked Meat, and today we want to talk to you about another typical summer dish: snails, called i in Messina dialect “Stuppateddi”.

The Stuppateddi they are consumed purely in the province of Messina and the people of Messina are great admirers and consumers.

What are the Stuppateddi? They are nothing but snails in hibernation with the skin that closes the opening recognizable by the unmistakable color of the shell that goes from brown to sand and their size can be variable, but normally the smallest are also the tastiest.

Snails are a dish of ancient tradition, in fact in the past, in the first summer or autumn rains, families went in search of the countryside and collected these precious snails that lived hidden inside the earth only at the first rains, they came out.

They are rich in proteins, magnesium and phosphorus and characterized by a unique taste capable of bringing to mind an ancient genuine flavor.


  • 500 g medium sized snails
  • 180 g Olive oil
  • Oregano to taste
  • salt to taste


Carefully wash the snails in abundant running water and rinse them several times by rubbing them with your hands, until all impurities are removed.
In a large pan with high sides, pour the snails; when they are dry enough, add the olive oil.

Let the snails brown, stirring with a wooden spoon and continue cooking for 10 minutes then add oregano, salt and pepper to taste, cook over low heat for a few minutes. When the white protective membrane begins to peel off the snails will be ready!

Snails are eaten by extracting them with a toothpick and dipping them in salt. Enjoy your meal!

Secret of preparation: When you are experienced enough about cooking times, you can apply this little secret of preparation: After washing the Stuppateddi in plenty of running water, immerse them in a basin of water with a few drops of vinegar. At that point you can remove the protective membrane more easily, before putting them in the pan. This will allow your "Stuppateddi" to maintain a better consistency and flavor more with the aromas during cooking.

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