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It can not be without the Carnival Fraviole Messinesi

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Non può essere Carnevale senza le Fraviole Messinesi

In our previous article we talked about the pignolata Messina. To thank the affection and enthusiasm with which we have read on our blog, as well as shared and commented on our Facebook page, Today we talk about another recipe purely carnival: that of "Fraviole Messinesi".

Much also known as "Turnovers" or "Cassatelle", Their original name refers to the "ravioli", the classic dish of Italian culture and tradition. But in this case we speak of a tasty sweet, loved by many citizens of Messina and widespread especially in the Tyrrhenian area of ​​the province, especially during parades of floats that animate the streets and squares of our countries.

The "Fraviole" are crescents of sweet dough, typically stuffed with ricotta and chocolate chips, but there are infinite number of possible variants with custard, chocolate cream and various jams. While there is little reliable information about the history of this sweet but the most reliable sources speak of a direct descent from Arabs. Some instead combine the tradition of the many gentle born in the Sicilian convents, of which we will discuss in future articles.

We invite our friends as always Messinesi to help us improve our recipes with their comments, but by following the tips Sunday Lady - thank you - the ingredients for some good turnovers are as follows:

For the dough (about 15 turnovers):
• 00 flour: 300 gr.
• Sugar: 1 tablespoon
• Butter: 50 gr.
• 1 tablespoon Vermuth
• 1 egg yolk
• Water: qs
• 1 pinch of salt

for the filling of ricotta:
• cottage cheese: 400 gr.
• Sugar: 200 gr.
• chocolate chips
• a pinch of vanilla
• finely grated orange rind

for frying: peanut oil
for decorating: icing sugar

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