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baked meat: a classic of popular cuisine from Messina

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Carne infornata: un classico della cucina popolare messinese

Where to taste it

Two weeks ago we had left with a classic cocktail Messina tradition the Saigon.

This week, however, I want to talk about a dish that often, on summer Sundays, we find on the tables of Messinesi: the baked meat.

The meat baked (In dialect, Canni 'nfunnata) is a the popular classic kitchen Sicilian: since ancient times this dish has enriched the banquets and the tables of families, thus becoming symbol of conviviality and celebration. This tradition has been passed down from generation to generation and it developed mainly in the north-east corner of Sicily, precisely in the province of Messina.

The butchers Messina in the summer months revive this ancient recipe. The cooking of mutton or veal is done in traditional refractory brick kilns, (see photo) in the summer season.

Forni in mattoni refrattari

After a few hours of heating, the right temperature, you pull it out of the oven the burning wood and ash. Then they shove into the oven of terra cotta plates, and on them is laid the mutton or veal into quarters, tasteless and without any flavoring. Close the oven door sealing it with clay to prevent loss of heat and cook for hours, until the 'intiepidamento oven. The meat baked Messina is so rare which comes from bone and soft on the palate.

The baked meat (Canni 'nfunnata) is so entrenched in the Messina tradition that has entered the popular culture.

Food and popular culture

Quann'era party 'or pais
‘nta dd’epuca passata
pa’ massara non c’erunu scusi
si manciava canni ‘Nfunnata !

A funnu sticking or 'gghianu
supra d’un motoguzzi
jancu muratu a jibbisu
spassu pi carusiddazzi !

Tri decks of ramagghi
e cippi di ficara
e na duzzina ‘i ciaramiti
pa canni ommi tocca ‘nterra !

U Ciauru inchia our cases
comu pi diri :
“Chista e’ a festa!”
‘nta ogni paisi !

Sautaumu the preju
puru si erumu scosi
mentri a festa sunaunu
tutti i campani di Chesi !

Pippo Bonaccorso

Where to try the meat in the oven? TO Messina there are many butchers who prepare dessert in summer Roasted meatSo you can ask a butcher you trust to let you try the taste of meat cooked in the wood oven, a true delight for the palate. Should you not have a butcher you trust Made in Messina It suggests there Mostaccio Butcher.

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