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Messina butter sandwiches, tasty and soft real treat!

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Panini al burro messinesi, gustosi e morbidi un’autentica delizia!

Where to taste them

After talking in recent weeks the Cathedral Treasury and the Messina Street Food FestToday we continue to introduce other specialties the city of the Strait.

Today we will present Butter Sandwiches that they are soft rolls that lend themselves to be simple or stuffed enjoyed. They are delicious and as a sweet snack and savory. They may in fact be stuffed with milk chocolate or dark chocolate with nutella, jam, honey or other creams in the sweet version; if we want to enjoy their goodness with salted here is that any cold meat or cheese goes perfectly with these sandwiches.

The butter sandwiches They can be prepared even in small round shape and are named "Tidbits butter", Which they are used to be stuffed with salami and to enrich banquets for parties and cocktails.

TO Messina the butter sandwiches They are also used as the basis for preparing the variant Viennese MessinaA real delight for the palate, of which we will discuss shortly.

The ingredients needed to prepare about 20 butter sandwiches are the following:

  • 00 250g of flour;
  • 130g of water;
  • 3 drops of clove aroma;
  • 1 Yolk;
  • 250g flour Manitoba;
  • 100g Milk;
  • 10 g salt;
  • 50g sugar;
  • 75g soft butter;
  • 10g Yeast;
  • 5g Honey;
  • 1 egg

After heating the milk and the water we dissolve the yeast in beer we combine flour, honey and egg and knead as we add water and heated milk continue to knead.

We add salt aroma of cloves and finally the softened butter, adding it little by little. Fate mix all ingredients if you knead by hand must do so for at least 20 minutes if you use the planet takes 10 minutes. After this time, roll out the dough on a work surface and roll it stretch it repeatedly let rest covered with a cotton cloth. Repeat two more times.

After making the folds put the dough in a container cover it with plastic wrap and cotton cloth and let rise until doubled in volume (about 50 minutes). Past time our dough should be well leavened and begin to form we take sandwiches about 80 gr stretch it gently and arrotoliamolo we put our sandwiches in lined with parchment paper pan finished giving shape to our sandwiches cover and let rise for another 40 minutes .

Past the rising time spennelliamo with egg yolk and bake at 200/220 for 15 minutes The temperature and time should be based on the oven.

TO Messina the butter sandwiches you find them in all the bakeries. To choose a good butter sandwich we should basarvi on taste and softness.

For the Butter Sandwiches MadeinMessina.com recommends:

dei Mille Gusti Bakery - Via dei Mille 167:

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