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Places to Visit in Messina

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Places to Visit in Messina: discover the beauty of the Strait CIttà

In this guide Made in Messina It presents you with the Places to Visit in Messina. This city, once known Zancle, is known as the "Door of Sicily" It is one of the beautiful Sicilian provinces, most historic, most beautiful, and consequently also of places to visit. Between the late Middle Ages and the mid-seventeenth century, Messina He has reached the pinnacle of his greatness, contending in Palermo the role of the Sicilian capital.

Republic square

Piazza della Repubblica - Messina

Located near Messina Train Station It is the reference point for the departure of the bus to the province and / or Catania.

La Madonnina

La Madonnina di Messina

Located at the entrance of Port of Messina, In the old Fort San Salvatore was built in 1546. It was built by the Archbishop of Messina Msgr. Angelo Paino.

The Cathedral Tower

Il Campanile del Duomo - Messina

"The Cathedral Tower" in Messina It contains a magnificent animated astronomical clock, which is considered the largest and most complex in the world.


The dome

Il Duomo di Messina

The Cathedral of Messina It is one of the oldest, but also the newest in Italy. Construction of the cathedral dates back to 1150.

Church of the Catalans

Chiesa SS. Annunziata dei Catalani - Messina

The SS. Annunciation of the Catalans, Built in the twelfth century, it is an Arab-Norman jewel of art.

St. Anthony Basilica

Basilica Sant'Antonio di Padova - Messina

The Baslica St. Anthony of Padua It was built in 1921 by the will of Saint Hannibal Maria di Francia.

Christ the King Shrine

Il Sacrario di Cristo Re - Messina

The Shrine of Christ the King, designed by Giovanni Battista Milani in 1937, he towers over the city with its huge dome.

Sanctuary of Montalto

 Santuario della Madonna di Montalto

The Sanctuary of the Madonna di Montalto It was built on the mountain of Caperrina in 1286.

Church of San Francesco

Chiesa di San Francesco all'Immacolata

The Church of Saint Francis Immaculate It is an imposing temple, the second largest of the Churches of Messina.

Chiesa del Carmine

Chiesa del Carmine

The Chiesa del Carmine It recalls the typical eighteenth-century style of Messina prior to the destruction of the earthquake.

Laghi di Ganzirri

Laghi di Ganzirri

I Laghi di Ganzirri sono una formazione idrologica che appartengono alla duna costiera di Capo Peloro.