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The kitchen Messinese

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Specialties Kitchen and Local Products of Messina

The Messina Kitchen It is one of the oldest in Sicily and it was affected mainly Greek influence, although they represent an absolutely original strand. It is based in particular on Fish and of Seafood, on Desserts based almond, candied and ricotta cheeseAs well as on the art of ice cream, famous for Granite.

As for the Rotisserie, among the specialties of food from "the street" definitely stand out Arancini Messina,which have a pointed conical shape as in the rest of eastern Sicily, but have a basic stuffing of meat sauce with peas, soft cheese and ham or mortadella, wrapped by a normally prepared rice wrap with only saffron.

The city of Messina shares many dishes with the Calabrian side of the Strait, while the kitchen of the province makes greater use of meat and cheese. The relationship with the Greek cuisine also shows the importance of extra-virgin olive oil, it used much more than the rest of Sicily, also for cooking fries. In Nebrodi area, more linked to sheep, there are three presidia Slowfood (Typical Products)In addition to the famous Salame Sant'Angelo di Brolo: the oil Minutto the Black Pig Nebrodi and the Provola Nebrodi.

La Cucina Messinese

Street food

La Cucina Messinese - Cibo da Strada

Appetizers and Side Dishes

La Cucina Messinese - Antipasti e Contorni

  • caponata
  • Cucunci Lipari
  • rapier fish salad
  • Insalta octopus to Messina
  • Dry tomatoes
  • Provola Nebrodi
  • Salame Sant'Angelo di Brolo
  • Salame San Marco


La Cucina Messinese - Primi

  • Doublets eggplant Messina (rolls of macaroni with eggplant and ricotta salata)
  • Broad beans
  • Pasta with anchovies
  • Pasta with breadcrumbs (Pasta muddhica ca)
  • Pasta with sardines to Messina
  • Pasta with cauliflower to Messina
  • Pasta 'ncaciata (baked pasta, widespread throughout the province but typical of Mistretta)
  • Spaghetti with tuna Messina
  • Spaghetti Mussels and Clams


La Cucina Messinese - Secondi


La Cucina Messinese - Dolci

  • Balò ricotta (panzerotto fried sheep ricotta)
  • Black and White (similar to profiteroles)
  • Bocconetto (Buccunettu, Sweet made with pumpkin oven, typical of Brolo Sant'Angelo)
  • Brioche with ice cream
  • Cannoli (cannolu - also in the variant with a dark ricotta and chocolate cream)
  • Cassata (less sweet than Palermo)
  • Rice Crepes
  • cuddura
  • Martorana's fruit
  • Granita
  • Niputiddata (Christmas sweet made of pastry with dried figs, almonds, candied fruit, cinnamon, cocoa and sometimes cooked wine)
  • Sweet Fried Milk
  • nzuddi
  • dinner Bread
  • Butter Sandwich
  • Cornish cottage cheese (sciauna)
  • Pasta real Mistretta
  • Eaves Pasta
  • Pasticciotti (sweet with Patti typical meat)
  • Sheehan almond paste
  • desserts Messina Peaches
  • Pignolata honey
  • pignolata glazed
  • Piparelli Messina (similar to the nooks almond)
  • black rice
  • Sphinxes carnival to Messina
  • Rice Sphinxes (sfinciuni)
  • Sphinxes yellow pumpkin
  • nun to Messina Sighs
  • Spicchiteddi (spicy Christmas cookies with cloves and cinnamon, typical of the Aeolian)
  • Poinsettia (with almond paste and candied citron; sometimes also prepared with the same filling of niputiddate)
  • Torciglione Messina (sweet fried or made with brioche dough baked, stuffed with ricotta cream and chocolate chips, or with custard or chocolate cream)
  • nougat ice cream
  • Vastidduzze (Aeolian biscuits with raisins and almonds, typical of the feast of St. Joseph)
  • Viennese (sweet brioche dough, from the oblong shape, stuffed with custard and soaked in rum)
  • Rice Zeppole
  • Sugared (zuccarati - covered with sesame biscuits)