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TEDx Capo Peloro in Messina, today the start of the second edition

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TEDx Capo Peloro a Messina, oggi il via della seconda edizione

The Staff Made in Messinais pleased to present the event to youTEDx Capo Peloro, which will take place today at theMulticinema IRISin Ganzirri starting at 2 pm.

After the success of last season theTEDxget back toMessina, thanks to the associationStartup Messinawho organized the second edition of the event.Made in Messinais also proud to support this event.

Made in Messina è orgoglioso di supportare TEDxCapoPeloro

In this edition the theme will be"Home Balance between roots and desires",which will be developed in6 talk.

The concept ofHome it will be analyzed both as a physical place and linked to affections, but also as a natural element to be respected, preserved and protected. Starting from these elements the goal ofTEDxCapoPelorois to answer the question"Is home a physical place or just your place in the world?"

The TEDxwas born fromTED (Technology Entertainment Design), which is a U.S. conference brand run by the private non-profit organization The Sapling Foundation. Born as a single event in 1984 from 1990 onTEDit has been transformed into an annual event, initially focused on technology and design, but over the years it has extended to the scientific, cultural and academic world.

The speakers of this edition will be:

  1. Dario Distefano (Engineer Ph.D.)
  2. Carmelo Isgrò(Biologist)
  3. Lucy Fenech(Entrepreneur and Designer)
  4. Francesco Biacca(CEO @ Evermind)
  5. Maria Cristina Laurà & Emmanuel Wakman Amoah(Head of Institutional Affairs and Promotion Service of the Messina Port Authority)
  6. Marina Arena(Architect and expert in urban planning)

To be able to participate in the event just buy the ticket onEventora.com

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