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The chops Messinesi: a delight for the palate

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Le Braciole Messinesi: una delizia per il palato

Where to taste it

If there is a dish that can somehow represent the originality and uniqueness of the people of Sicily, Messina, in this case, it probably is "Chops Messinesi" .

What then is this dish name apparently so intuitive and however much misunderstanding?

It is certainly the steak that its name might suggest the contrary, if you find yourself Messina do not even try to say it because, to Messina DOC, this combination could be like a sacrilege, almost a personal insult.

The "chop Messinese"Or rather,"chops Messinesi"(Do not ever eat just one) are the second most representative red meat of the culinary tradition of our beautiful city.

They are but small rolls (but we do not really like using this term) of meat stuffed with seasoned crumbs (oil, parsley and Parmesan cheese) and chunks of cheese, skewered on a skewer and cooked preferably at Brace. It 'just that type of cooking that enhances the taste of the chop and names it.

How many dishes from our kitchen chops also have their roots in the distant past (XVI century or so), it linked to poor tradition of our cuisine. The chop fact allowed to cook a complete meal, tasty, with small amounts of raw material (meat) and reusing products in your home that otherwise would have missed (the stale bread crumbs).

Its correct preparation is far from simple: first of all you need an expert who knows Messina butcher cut the meat on purpose, since a wrong size or one slice too thick may frustrate any effort even before starting .

It comes into play now the actual preparation: crumb expertly seasoned and placed in 'roll with cheese in the right quantities. Never overdo it! The next step in fact is to pierce the meat in the skewer (4-5-6 rolls to spit) in a manner such that the filling does not escape during cooking.

There are several variations on the theme that touch the chops Messina: The type of meat (beef, tendon, pork, chicken) to the type of cheese (smoked cheese, provolone, cheese ...), with a light breading outside the presence (if you like) of small pieces of garlic.

It 'a dish that goes well with any type of contour (dall'insalata potatoes) and is best enjoyed with a good red wine.

What are you waiting for ??? Come to Messina, come and fall in love with the " chops Messinesi"!!!

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