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La Focaccia Messinese

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La Focaccia Messinese

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We want to start this excursus on Messines Focacciaand trying to explain first what is this gastronomic specialties for Messinese DOC.

Yes, it is a serious subject, not to be taken lightly; there flat bread to Messina It is not simply one of the many delights of our cuisine, but is (along with pidoni) the dish that best identifies us because of its peculiarities and its uniqueness in taste. It's a real relationship of affection and love that binds to Messina flat bread: The countless bakeries and takeaways dotted around the city churn flat bread "Almost" at all hours, reaching the peak of its production on Sunday evening, when thousands of Messina families gather around a table to enjoy this delicacy that, as we shall see, has very deep roots in our tradition.

As we said the Messina Focaccia It has a long history, spanning more than a century and therefore constitutes an integral part of our culture; It is distinguished by a rich taste obtained by the combination of the first very simple and readily available materials: flour, yeast water, oil, salt, black pepper, chopped tomatoes, escarole, tuma and anchovies.

In addition to its unique taste, the result of the above ingredients and the expertise of those who prepare it, flat bread Messinese the DOC must also possess other unique organoleptic properties: a dough thick enough (about 2cm), a well cooked down, crispy at the right point and a soft interior, the result of rising pedantic.

There have been numerous over the years attempts to imitate the Sicilian territory and not, as many failures for a variety of reasons. It is true that with the passage of time, not all manufacturers have maintained the use of condiments and therefore, you can find the focaccia with the first salt rather than Tuma, with or without anchovies ... .. Different tastes or economic reasons? Posterity will judge…..

Of one thing we are certain, the flat bread is beyond a reasonable doubt a pride for us Messinesi DOC and pleasure in eating it (perhaps accompanied by a cold beer) a feeling that no other culinary specialties can even remotely approach, since it does not affect only our stomachs, but, above all, our heart.

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