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La Granita Messinese becomes a protected brand

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La Granita Messinese

Where to taste it

The Granita Messinese, one of the typical products of our city, becomes a protected brand

The Messina specialty is theGranita, authentic food and wine heritage of our city, can be registered as a trademark. On the other hand, as our Messina pastry chefs like to say:"Elsewhere in Sicily it's just flavored ice."

If you happen to go around the streets of Messina, during the summer, you will certainly have heard in the bars "Give me 'na menza ca' cream and 'na brioscia", translated "Give me a half with cream and brioche". Therehalf with creamand theGranita a coffee with cream, which is served in the glass together with a soft and hot brioche, which must be soaked in the glass by mixing the coffee with the cream.

Slushes are also available flavoredchocolate, strawberry, almond, peach, mulberry, lemon, and in some Messina bars you can also find it at the taste ofhazelnut and pistachio.

From now on theMessinese granita, together with other typical specialties of our city, such aspignolata or the Black and white,but also gastronomic as theChops and the flat breadfall within themunicipal denomination marks,De.Co.

The recognition was decided on March 9, 2016 when the city council approved the regulations for the establishment of the brand. This recognition will make it possible to "survey and enhance the typical local production linked to the history, traditions and culture of the municipal area, as an instrument for promoting the image of the territory and the city".

Where can we find good granita aMessina? Being oneMessina specialtythe granita is of excellent quality in most of the bars in Messina, but if you happen to be in the center we can advise you to try the granita delBar Spadaro, orBar Doddis or Irrera pastry shop. If, on the other hand, you are in the northern area of ​​Messina, a stop fromMessina pastry shop or MeetingEden. In the southern area, the granita della granita deserves a mentionMorabito pastry shop or Brake Bar.

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