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The Treasure of the Cathedral of Messina: the jewels of the city of the Strait

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Il Tesoro del Duomo di Messina: i gioielli della città dello Stretto

In recent months we have wanted to highlight the gastronomic excellence of our city, but Messina he is not alone gastronomy...

And so today we want to talk to you about Cathedral Treasury, made on the occasion of the Jubilee of 2000. Il Treasure of the Cathedral of Messina is inside a large room containing the priceless jewels of the city of the Strait and which testify the city's devotion to the patroness Madonna of the Letter.

Among the various works the Golden Manta, made by Innocenzo Manganini. The "manta”Was wanted in 1659 by the city Senate for the realization also the graduating students of the University. Completed in 1668, twenty pounds of metal were needed to make it, which over time were embellished with stones of the highest value, welded on the mantle and donated by the faithful. Among the most important gifts are the group of emeralds of the Viceroy Duchess D'Usseda (1695) and one gold necklaceor donated by D. Federico Ruffo in 1723 with a value of 5000 scudi and one beautiful golden daisy and diamonds of Queen Magherita of Savoja in 1881.

In addition to the golden manta among the works of the Cathedral Treasurystands out thereliquary of San Marziano, bishop of Syracuse. The work reproduces an arm with a hand decorated with lilies which bears the following inscription in homage by Bishop Riccardo Palmieri, who commissioned the work: "Ricardus Siracusanus episcopus fecit hoc vasculum Beati Marciani Siracusani Presuli. In vasculus continetur brachium Sancti Marciani Presulis".

The treasure collection also includes three other display cases, including: that of St. Nicholas, from the fifteenth century, the one containing the relic of S. Augusto is that of St. Paul, from more recent times. Silver candelabra, monstrances, pyxes, patens complete the rich collection of treasures kept in the Cathedral of the city of the Strait.

Among the most remarkable works in silver, the small one stands out Vascelluzzo, in all probability from the workshop of Juvarra. The Vascelluzzo it recalls the arrival in Messina of a vessel loaded with wheat during a period of famine. The Vascelluzzo he is carried in procession on the day of Corpus Domini.

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